Common Errors

Below are a few common errors you may receive.  Please open a support ticket if you cannot resolve the problem via your internal help desk.


1. Locked out of account

You will see this error after entering the wrong username or password 5 times.  If you account is locked reach out to your internal help desk.  They can get you unlocked quickly.


2. iExpense Set up Missing

You will see this error if you have incorrect iExpense setups in Oracle.  Contact your internal help desk and they can verify your permissions.  


3. Unable to see the buttons in Internet Explorer

You will face this issue if the IE settings are not configured properly.

Please take the following steps to confirm these settings are enabled for Internet in Internet Explorer:

- Go to Settings Icon on the top right hand corner of Internet Explorer
- Select "Internet Options"
- Go to "Security" tab, select 'Internet'


- Click on "Custom Level"
- In the "Downloads" section of the settings make sure the "File Download" is enabled
- Make sure "Font Download" is enabled



- Close and reopen the browser

As a precaution you should also add the AppZen URL to your trusted sites:

On the same "Security" tab
- Click on the "Trusted Sites" ( green Tick icon)
- Click on Button "Sites"
- Make sure that is added
- If not added type the address in the space provided and click "Add"

Once these settings are configured, the buttons should re-appear.


4. Policy Error

You will see this error if an expense line on your report is out of policy.  This will not stop submission but will cause the audit team to look at your report specifically.


5. Expense Report Submission Error -Specific

You will get an error upon submission for a number of reasons.  If the reason is not included see number 5 below.  If the error is noted you'll need to fix the error before you can submit.  If you try to fix the error and cannot, open a help desk ticket with AppZen by clicking submit a ticket above.  Please include screenshots.



6. Expense Report Submission Error -Generic

If you get an expense report submission error that says to contact your system administrator please open a ticket with AppZen by clicking submit a ticket above.  Please include screenshots.