Expensing Personal Charges from Credit Card Transactions

If your card is company paid and you may need to mark a charge as personal:

1) In your expense report, click add credit card charges.

2) Locate this icon . Once selected it will turn red.

3) Select the lines you want to add to the report. The line will not appear on the report.

4) At the bottom the page, there will be a breakdown of what the company owes and what you owe.  Confirm the amount and submit the report.


If your card is personal, you have two options to expense a portion of a charge as personal:

Option 1: Submit as a cash line and only ask for a portion of the total amount.

1) In your expense report, select "Add Cash" or "Add Captured Receipt".

2) In the amount section, enter the amount you wish to be reimbursed.  This amount should be the total receipt amount minus the portion that is personal.

3) At the bottom, there will be a breakdown of the amount you will be reimbursed.  Verify and submit.

Option 2: Itemize the portion of the charge you would like reimbursement for and leave the remaining amount as personal

1) Click "Add Credit Card Charges" and add your line to the report.

2) Because you cannot edit the amount on the credit card line, you will need to itemize the expense and leave the personal portion off.

3) Itemize the expense and include the full amount you expect to be reimbursed.

4) Save the line and an alert will pop up indicating that the remaining unitemized portion will be considered a personal expense.