Rejecting a High Risk Expense Report

  1. Open an expense report and click on Screen_Shot_2017-11-29_at_11.33.40_AM.png in the right hand corner:



  1. Once selected, “Auditor Action” will pop up with a list of the high-risk lines in the report:



  1. Deselect the non-reject expenses:



In the example above, expense type 5 is a high risk behavior because the meal is 3 times the average cost per person. However, if you would like to deselect the report, you can do so by selecting a “Reason for Risk Rejection”. The following are the three reasons for Risk Rejection:


Risk Rejection



 Exception approved by management



The risk is correct, but for this particular instance, an exception is allowed and is being approved by management.


Risk is correct, but in-policy



The risk is correct, however, the expense is within company’s policy (This means that the audit configuration probably requires change)


False Positive


The risk was incorrectly identified by AppZen as "High Risk", due to AppZen incorrectly identifying a violation or not following your company’s Audit Configuration.



  1. Once the Risk Rejection has been chosen, a comment can be entered and the “Auditor Action” can be saved.




  1. Once saved and approved, the expense report is rejected in Concur and the employee is notified.