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  • Expense reports from the APAC region are not being routed to AppZen for audit and approval. They are being routed, after manager approval, to 'Holding Payment'. They are stuck in this buffer. I opened a case with Concur, they closed it and pointed to you. I think this is a workflow issue within Concur.

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  • Here is a screen shot of the report with report IDs

    Report Name Submit Date Employee Name Approval Status Currency Report Total Receipt Status Cash Advance Return Received Payment Status Authorization Requests/Travel Requests Country Code Employee ID Report Key Default Cost Center Report Id
    July Coffee session 01 Aug 2019 01:35:00 TANG, LIPING Approved SGD 35.00 Not Received Holding Payment N SG 1007431 221517 NVM & Specialty Projects 54C262BDBFAF431BA008
    Diffusion Process Weekly Meeting 31 Jul 2019 23:36:44 GOYAL, SACHIN Approved SGD 471.80 Not Received Holding Payment N SG 13907 219206 Diffusion Engineering 2641AB96A9DA4427B185
    PVD Eqpt Teambuild Q2 2019 31 Jul 2019 22:05:49 PANG, CHENG JAI Approved SGD 876.04 Not Received Holding Payment N SG T962010 221364 PVD Engineering 0B8DCC8D96A94E649305
    Dinner with Professor 31 Jul 2019 21:42:25 SIAH, SOH YUN Approved SGD 732.21 Not Received Holding Payment N SG 3649 221494 NVM & Specialty Projects 09FC998D53714B1AAA5E
    FRAME Workshop Lunch 31 Jul 2019 21:28:57 LEE, RYAN GUANG-REN Approved SGD 350.05 Not Received Holding Payment N SG 1019737 221497 World Wide Tapeout E8390359EF29496790A9
    office door bell 31 Jul 2019 21:17:44 Tan, PIK KEE Approved SGD 82.27 Not Received Holding Payment N SG 12466 221495 Global Failure Analysis 5709D6970E43405986EC
    Coffee Session for July2019 31 Jul 2019 06:36:01 ONG, SHIANG YANG Approved SGD 90.00 Not Received Holding Payment N SG 9374 221448 Analog & Power AF7EADC1B195466A9C02
    Meal Claim 31 Jul 2019 04:37:14 LEW, LEE FONG Approved SGD 43.90 Not Received Holding Payment N SG 1006350 221444 Global Shared Service Center E9F9D2BF20A24E1D87F4
    Refreshment CT Capex mtg 31 Jul 2019 03:54:38 LUI, TZE PIN (LEI ZIBIN) Approved SGD 69.20 Not Received Holding Payment N SG 16499 221441 Clean Tech Engineering 09813A2C419C4BBCBC26
    lunch expense Jul19 31 Jul 2019 02:02:30 WANG, DEXIN Approved SGD 1135.30 Not Received Holding Payment N SG 19462 221433 CVD Engineering 3B8BC3932D2C41D1BCF8

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