Knowledge Base Access and Submitting A Request to AppZen Support


Once logged into AppZen Zendesk portal you'll get access to the knowledgebase, video tutorials and the ability to submit a ticket to AppZen support. 






Alternatively, you can submit a request to get support by clicking the submit a ticket button. Fill out the form accordingly: 





Sections of when submitting a request:

  • CC: You can CC other users if you would like them to be involved with the ticket


  • Region: Country where you are reporting the problem from


  • Product Values: This is the AppZen product licensed - Please select from the available option

  • Type of Ticket - Is your ticket a:


    • Question
      • A question about a specific function or working of AppZen

    • Incident
      • Reporting an error message that has occurred in your usage of the AppZen product, but did not lead to any apparent issue


    • Problem
      • Reporting a problem about a specific function which may not be working as intended within AppZen


    • Task
      • A request to change specific function or change configuration for additional functionality within AppZen


  • Task Due Date: The desired date you would like your ticket to be resolved


  • Subject: A quick description of the problem


  • Urgency:
    • Very High - Core service is completely down
      • Highly severe, AppZen is completely down and system is completely unusable
    • High - Business processes seriously disrupted
      • Severe, there are multiple problematics to the use of AppZen and multiple transactions and users are impacted
    • Medium - Business processes affected
      • Few transactions and/or users are impacted - There is some impact on functionality usage
    • Low - Little or no effect on business processes
      • Not severe, yet issue needs to be fixed 
  • Priority: This is the Severity of the ticket and will be determined by the AppZen Support team. This will always be greyed out, no need to choose


  • Description: Please describe in detail the problem that requires resolution


  • Attachments: If possible, attach screenshots or any of sort of files that will help the support team diagnose the problem faster (Ex. specific expense report numbers, what error is showing, etc.)


Once ticket has been filled in, click “Submit” and you will receive a success notification, as well as an email confirmation



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