Tips & Tricks | Episode 1: Keyword Audit

Welcome to our first installment of Tips & Tricks, where we'll share bite-sized videos that dive into a specific aspect of our product.

In this episode, we're covering Keyword Audit. This self-serve app allows you to configure and monitor specific, expense-related keywords, giving you better invisibility to unique expenses. Press play to learn how Keyword Audit can simplify your auditing processes!

What keywords do you and your team often look for?

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  • Is the expense type in this model the Appzen expense type or our expense type?

  • Do I have to list all expense types when I am looking for keywords for items which we want to flag as high risk because they are not allowed?  

  • Hey Ginger Pico, great question. These expense types would be your expense types defined by your org. Hope this helps! 

  • Hi, If I have more than 20 Keywords to be added for expense types, will I able to paste the Keywords or still do I need to enter individual Keywords.


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