CSV Integration

AppZen's System Integration Framework provides the ability to integrate AppZen with supported ERP systems. Using the Integration Framework makes it easy to configure, schedule, and view integration jobs and their statuses.

AppZen supports Master Data ingestion for Autonomous AP and Employee Sync using the CSV route.

Steps to set up:

  1. Select System Integrations from the Integrations dropdown
  2. Click on the Add New Integration Source and setup the Integration Source
  3. Choose Appzen - SFTP as the source and provide a name
  4. Go to Scheduling, and choose the integration source defined above
  5. You can view the integration status on the Integrations Job Status page


Figure 1 - Setting up Integration source


Figure 2 - Scheduling frequency


CSV - SFTP Integration for Master Data and Employee Sync

The CSV - SFTP Integration type is used to manually transfer and receive data in CSV format from the customer’s ERP. The data to be ingested in the AppZen system must be as per the CSV format (template) set for a specific record type. Templates for these record types can be downloaded from the Autonomous AP Scheduling tab of the ‘System Integrations’ screen.

The process of syncing employees, including their organizational hierarchy, in AppZen can be facilitated wherein users can provide the list of employees in a CSV file via SFTP. The Employee details can also be uploaded through the System Admin screen.

CSV Templates

You can upload the following Master Data details into the system through a predefined CSV format from the Integrations Job Status page -

  • Payment Terms - Terms and conditions regarding the settlement of any invoice that the supplier dictates.
  • Chart of Accounts (COA) - A list of all the general ledger accounts that an organization uses to allocate its expenses.
  • Entity - The organization in whose name the invoice is issued, i.e., an organization that has purchased goods and services from the supplier.
  • Supplier - Any organization that supplies goods or/and services and issues invoice to the buyer.
  • Purchase Order - An official document stating the items, their quantity, and the intended purchase price. A unique alphanumeric id that identifies such a document is the purchase order number.

Note: There is a specific template for customers whose ERP is Ariba - please choose accordingly while downloading. For all other ERP systems, choose the AppZen template.

For performing Employee Hierarchy Sync alongside uploading all the details of Employee, choose the Employee option and download the relevant CSV template.


Manage Failed Records

The list of failed records that could not be ingested in the AppZen system can be downloaded from the Integration Job Status screen. This file is under the Failed Item Count column and is also in the ‘.csv’ format. Along with all the record data, it contains the reason for the failure of the record. The new file in the SFTP server post resolving the errors can be uploaded. Those records are fetched into AppZen the next time the scheduled job runs.


Figure 3 - View Integration status

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