Tips & Tricks | Episode 2: Stop reviewing the obvious

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A review and approval from an auditor are not always needed, especially on obvious expenses that our AI has spotted with high confidence rates that are against your company policy. And there are certain expenses that don't need a justification when they don’t comply with the policy. 

Auto rejection can be enabled when you don't need an auditor to agree with certain high-flagged expenses. Such cases are expenses that don’t have itemized receipts that AI has discovered in your expense reports. The answer is very black and white, you either have it or you don't. Join the next installment of our Tips and Tricks video series to learn how some of the largest companies we work with manage expense types like this, where the requirement of having a non-itemized hotel receipt can be auto-rejected using our Hotel itemization Auto Reject Premium App. 

Why does it matter? Some of our customers have discovered hidden transactions like hotel spa charges, mini bar and excessive room service disguised in summary receipts. Without an itemized receipt, there’s no way to know all the transactions from hotel stays.

This new strategy brings a more streamlined and autonomous process for our customers so we don't have to have a set of eyes on every high-risk transaction. The AI knows what a definitive unallowable item is, and it sends the review straight to the employee to fix without the auditor giving any feedback. It’s that easy!

This model saves time for auditors and can really streamline your operations. 


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