Expense Mobile App- Collecting information before submitting a request

If you have an issue with the Expense Reports Mobile App, AppZen needs the following information to work on the issue:


  1. Version Number & Build Number of the Expense Reports Mobile App: To get the version and build number of The Expense Reports Mobile App, please follow the following steps (Preferences -> About):
    1. Click on Preferences on the Login Screen of the App


  • Click on About in the Preferences Screen


  1. Note down Version Number and Build Number



  1. Details about Mobile OS: To get details for IOS, tap on iPhone Settings -> General->About



  1. Details about the issues: Please provide as many details about the issue as possible. The following information will be valuable:
    1. Screenshots of the issue, if any
      1. On iPhone, a screen shot can be taken by clicking in the home and power button together. The image is saved in the camera roll
    2. Steps that you followed to get to the issue
    3. Can you recreate the issue by following the same steps
    4. Any particulars around the expense report or expense lines that you were creating