Expense Mobile App- Troubleshooting

Here are some quick ways to address commonly occurring problems with different mobile devices. Make sure you try these before submitting a support request


Problem with Sign In (Invalid Credentials message), Settings are not current


Ask the user to logout of the app, Close the app by force shutting the app (for iOs7 onwards double click on Home button and swipe up the app to kill it)



Pictures taken through Expense App are not saving on the camera roll


Ensure that the AppZen Expense Reports app has access to the Camera Roll. This can be done by going to Settings- Privacy –Photos-and enabling the Expense Reports app to have access to the Camera Roll



How to backup AppZen Expense reports app to iCoud


Go to Settings –iCloud-Storage & backup-Manage Storage and enable the Expense Reports app from the list.  Please refer here for further help.