Assigning Roles

Access levels in AppZen Expense reports are determined by the roles assigned to a user. These are available in the user management section of the web app.

There are 6 roles to choose from as follows


By default every User has the Expense User and Approver role, which allows them to submit expense reports and approve expense reports that are sent to them through the workflow for approval. 

The roles are as follows:

Expense User - Submit and review Expense Reports - This role is available by default for all Users

System Admin - This role allows User provisioning and System configuration at the Customer and Organization level 

Functional Admin - This role allows the User to change the Expense Setup including adding new fields, lookup fields, Account fields, policies etc.

Auditor - Review and Audit all the Expense Reports submitted 

Approver - Approve the Expense Reports submitted to them that are sent through the workflow for approval. This role is available by default for all Users

Executive Expense User - Submit or Approve Expense Reports on behalf of someone