Creating & Updating Users

Creating and managing existing users requires the 'System Admin' role. if you have this role, you will see the Users menu in the left navigation menu


On the left hand menu scroll down to System Admin and click on it.

Select the Users tab to create a new User or edit the information on an existing User.


Creating a New User

Click on the Create New User button

Enter Username (email ID of the User) 

If the user is authenticated using AppZen specific User Name and password, select Local as the Authentication and enter the Password for the User. 

For Enterprise accounts, authentication is set to External which enables Single Sign On (SSO)


Select the role(s) for the User

Enter Delegate and Approver information for the User



Check Approver and enter the Approver Signing  Limit if the User is also an expense report approver



Click on User Settings to add additional settings for the User:



Enter Mileage information & click on Save


To update the User, simply look up the User record 


Click on the pencil icon to review the User setup information, update the information that has changed and click on Update. You can also update the end date of the User to stop the User from using the app after any particular date by adding a date in End Date field