Expense Approval Workflow

For customers using the AppZen expense reporting system, the AppZen Expense Report passes through the following workflow states.

Users can review the status of Expense Reports by visiting the Dashboard menu and then clicking the "Review Expense Report" button.

 Action Status
 When the user first creates an expense report and saves it in AppZen NEW
 When the user submits the expense report for Approval from Manager SUBMITTED
 When the manager with adequate approval limit approves the expense report APPROVED
 When any manager in the approval chain rejects an expense report REJECTED
 When the Auditor approves the expense report, after the manager approval READY FOR PAYMENT
 When the expense report is successfully created in a payment batch AWAITING PAYMENT



With the Expense Report in this stage you can view history, view, edit or delete. Once a quick expense or a credit card transaction has been associated with an Expense Report it cannot be re-used again in another Expense Report, unless it is deleted from an existing one.



The Expense Report in this stage can be withdrawn only and cannot be edited. Once an Expense Report is submitted the manager approval flow starts and goes first to the immediate manager of the employee as defined in the user setups. If the manager's approval limit is satisfied and they approve it, the status is immediately changed to APPROVED.  Otherwise it will flow through the chain, until it reaches a manager with an adequate approval limit. All the managers in the chain need to approve the Expense Report before it moves to the next stage. The status will remain as SUBMITTED in the intermediate stages of approval.

A user can review the status and approval flow by accessing the anti-clock arrow icon. The audit history shows the current status and the actions taken by various users. Notice in the below screen that the current status is "SUBMITTED" in the lines 3 and 4 even though a manager has actually approved the Expense Report.



As described previously, the APPROVED status only happens when a manager with adequate approval limit approves the Expense Report. Only withdrawal of the expense is possible in this state.


Any manager in the approval chain can reject the expense report. The status changes to REJECTED and the user can edit the Expense Report in this state. Once the Expense Report is edited it can be resubmitted for approval.



All the approved Expense Reports are presented to the auditor (anyone with the Auditor role) for approval. Auditor approval flow happens once the manager approval flow is completed. Rejected expenses are not presented for auditors approval.

Once an auditor has approved the Expense Report the status changes from APPROVED to READY FOR PAYMENT. The status indicates that the Expense Report is ready to be picked up by the AppZen payment process, when the next payment batch for the Organization is created.



Once an Expense Report has been successfully created in a payment batch and pushed to the back-office system, the status of the Expense Report changes to AWAITING PAYMENT.

This states identifies that Expense Report has been sent to the back-office system like Oracle EBS, SAP, NetSuite for processing the payment.

The Expense Reports in this state will not be presented for any new payment batch creation and they cannot be edited or withdrawn in this state.