Capture Receipts & Expenses

You can capture expenses on the go using Capture Receipts. This feature enables you to create and save your expenses by capturing the receipt using your phone's camera or with a PDF document. These saved expenses can be added later to the Expense Report both from Mobile and Web .  

Captured receipts sync from mobile to web to be easily added to expense reports at a later time.


From Mobile

On the Home Screen tap on the Capture Receipts & Expenses icon  

You can capture expenses in 3 ways -

  1. Capture Receipt
  2. Capture Expense
  3. Add PDF Expense


Capture Receipt

Click on Capture Receipt to take a picture of the receipt.  Enter optional details or let AutoScan fill in the expense. Pinch and zoom on the picture to verify the details tap on Save to save the expense.



Please note, AutoScan is not an overlay.  To verify that your receipt is being AutoScanned tap on Saved Expenses then Captured Receipts. 

You will see your captured expenses with the word AutoScan once the receipt has been successfully scanned, the word illegible if the receipt can't be read, and the word waiting if the receipt is still being processed.


Capture Expense

Click on Capture Expense to create and save an expense. You will be able to add the needed details including expense type, amount, purpose of the expense. In this screen you can tap Details to add more information about the merchant or location, and tap Itemize to itemize the expense.

You can tap on the Missing Receipt icon if you do not have a receipt or tap on Camera roll to add the receipt image from the gallery on your phone.

Click on Save to save the expense.

Click on < to discard and create another.

Add PDF Expense

You can capture a PDF document such as a Hotel bill or Car Rental document from your inbox to create an expense and add it to the report later.

Open your email with the PDF attached in your inbox and press down on the PDF in the email.

On iPhone  - You will see the option to open in AppZen, select that option and the PDF is then attached to the expense line as shown below. Select Tap to Preview to view and zoom to confirm the document details. Click on Save to save the PDF expense.



From Web


To capture receipts from the web app, navigate to Capture Receipts from the Dashboard


Click on Capture New Receipts

Enter Expense Date, Expense Amount, Expense Type and Justification for the expense. You can then upload a receipt image for this expense



 If your company's expense policy requires additional information or itemization additional tabs will be visible on this screen



Click Save to save this expense