Approving an Expense Report

You approve an expense report from two places, the web application or the AppZen mobile app.

In order to approve Expense Reports you must have the Approver Role assigned to you.


Approving from the Web Application

Once an Expense Report is submitted to the manager for approval they can login to the AppZen web application and approve or reject the Expense Report.

There will be an inbox icon on the top of the page, next to the Organization name.

Once in the Manager Approval inbox you will be presented with thumbs-up or down, to approve or reject the expense report.

You can review the expense details by clicking the pop-up icon with an arrow symbol.

There will be a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside displayed if there is a missing receipt.

Additional policy violations will be displayed with a red exclamation symbol. 




Approving from the Mobile App

Expense Reports can also be approved or rejected from the Mobile App.

Login into the AppZen app with your credentials, Tap on the envelope icon on the top menu bar. The Expense Reports awaiting your approval are shown by this icon, the number indicates the number of Expense Reports pending for your approval.


Tap on the icon to view the Expense Reports pending approval

Tap on   >  to view the details of the Expense Report. On this screen the complete Expense Report is available for your review as a PDF. You can view the details of the Expense Report including the receipts and PDFs attached before approving the Expense Report.

Example PDF report of the Expense Report submitted

Tap on Done to go back and Approve or Reject the Report.

Comments also can entered for rejection reason when rejecting the report