Search Expenses

You can view the status of your submitted Expense Reports and search for any Expense Report by Expense Report number. 

From Mobile

Login to AppZen Mobile with your credentials

Tap on Search Expenses from the Home Screen

By default your last fifteen submitted reports are shown and the view includes a summary of the report, status of the report, the total amount, purpose, and date.



Tap on Expense Report # to view the complete report details 



Click on Search to search and view any specific Expense Report. 

Provide the complete Expense Report number to view the details


A summary of the report is shown, tap on the report to view the complete details


On Web -

Once you login to AppZen web app, submitted Expense Reports are available through the Dashboard under Review Expenses. On the web app, you can view the reports as far back as three months. You can also view the history of the report in various stages including when it was created, submitted or approved.

To view the Submitted Reports, click on Review Expense Reports


On this screen you will see all the Submitted Reports, saved Expense Reports, and the reports you are currently working on

If you are searching for any particular expense report, type the first few characters of the Expense Report in the search box (shown below) and the Expense Report matching the text you entered will be displayed below

Click on    to view the history of the report including when it was submitted and approved

Click on  to view the details of the report. If the Expense Report includes a trip, it will be shown with a trip icon in the top right corner