Linking a Credit Card

On a business trip you might charge some of your corporate expenses to your personal Credit Card. When you are ready to submit these expenses you can pull the Credit Card transactions from your personal Credit Card and add those to the Expense Report.

This section explains how to link a credit card and select Credit Card transactions.  Please note the connection is a web only feature, credit card transactions once linked are available on web and mobile.  


Depending on the bank it can take up to 24 hours for transactions to appear.  


Only the last 14 days of activity will appear and all activity going forward will appear.  


On Web

Login to AppZen web console with your credentials

Click on Link a Credit Card on the left menu as shown below


Click on Connect Credit Card

Select your Credit Card from the list or search for your bank 


On the next screen you will asked to enter you login credentials for your bank

Upon a successful sign in you will be asked to enter a name for this card and select the account you wish to link


Your credit card is linked to your AppZen account as below


Delete a Linked Credit Card 

On Linked Credit Cards screen - Click on button next to the credit card as shown below

An alert will prompt you to confirm the unlinking of the credit card

Click on Yes to unlink your credit card and all of the transactions under the card will be removed.

Click on No to keep the credit card and use the transactions for future Expense Reports.