User Settings

User Settings include your Organization and the Expense Templates that you can submit an Expense Report to. If you belong to multiple organizations or have multiple templates you can view those here and change the organization or template here before submitting your expense report to ensure that your Expense Report is submitted correctly.

On Mobile - 

To view your settings tap the Settings icon in the top left corner


Settings include Organization, Expense Template, Reimbursement Currency, Mileage, and Linked Credit Cards

You default organization is shown upon login. Tap on Organization to change the organization you want to submit a report for.

Tap on Expense Template to verfy or change the template

Linked Credit Cards allows you Link your personal credit card allowing you to submit credit card transactions pulled from your Credit Card. This process is explained in the article - Linking a Credit Card


On Web

User settings can be viewed and changed from AppZen web application.

Login to AppZen web application with your credentials. In the AppZen Web application User Settings are shown on the top menu bar. You can change the organization by clicking on the Organization menu and selecting an organization from the list.