Edit an Expense Report

This section explains how to modify a saved expense report to add additional information before submitting your expense report either from Mobile or Web .

From Mobile

Sign in to AppZen app with your credentials and tap on the Saved Expenses icon  

All Saved Expenses, Captured Expenses, and your Trips that have not yet been used in other expense reports are shown on this screen

If any mandatory information is missing for an expense line a message will be shown to prompt you to add additional information

Tap on the expense line you want to add more expenses or edit.  

In this case the purpose of the expense has not been entered and is missing for the line


You can also add any additional expenses from Captured Receipts, Cash Expenses, Mileage expenses or Credit Card charges by choosing the appropriate selections.

Once the line is edited and the needed information is added

You can:

Edit the report by deleting any expense lines

Submit the report 

Save the report for future use. 

You can delete lines by tapping on Edit in the top right corner, selecting the check box to the left of the line, and tap on Delete to delete the line

Note - If any expense line with a captured expense is deleted from a saved expense report, you can view it again under captured expenses.  It will not be deleted.


From Web

Sign in to AppZen app with your credentials and click on Review Expenses Reports  

All your saved and submitted Expense Reports will be available on this screen.  

Click on  to edit the Expense Report 

Any expense line with mandatory missing information will show an error message to prompt you to enter the additional information.

You can click on  to add / modify the details.


Click on   to edit or Delete button to remove the expense line.
If deleting you will be prompted to confirm, click Yes to remove the expense line from that report.

Note - If you delete a captured receipt from an expense report, it will be available for future use under Review Receipts.  It will not be deleted

Now you can proceed to add additional expenses to this report including Cash, Mileage, Captured Receipts or any Credit Card charges.

Once the report is ready you can

Submit the expense report

Save the report to work on it later for submission

Cancel to revert the changes you have made to the report.