How to reimburse employees for Expense Reports

Approving Expense Reports as an Auditor is covered in the article Audit Resolution Workflow.  

This article covers creating a payment batch to import to your Accounting Software.  Check out our Integrations to see more about which systems we can integrate directly with.  


Once Expense Reports are approved they will show up in the Workbench with the label Ready for Payment.

To create batch payments the auditor can navigate to the payments page.

You can then click +New Batch Payment

All Expense Reports Ready for Payment will be here

You can clickto view the details of the Expense Report or  to remove the Expense Report from the Payment Batch.

You will have the option to Export an Excel or PDF 

You can then navigate to the Reports Page and click Reports Status to view the reports

You can then export the Report into your Payment System.


The batch status will then change to Pending Payment and once it's successfully paid out the batch status will show as Paid.  If for any reason an Expense Report is withheld or not paid the status for that Expense Report will show as Void.


If the payment batch fails with a vendor ID alert, please verify that the Employee ID is correct and matches the current vendor ID in the system you are pushing the payment batch to.

In order to check that the Employee ID is correct in AppZen, follow the steps given below:

1. Login as Admin

2. Go to System Admin --> Users

3. Search for the user using the email address.

4. Click on edit (pencil icon) to open the user profile in edit mode

5. Check the Employee ID under 'External Links' and 'User Settings' are the same.






If you'd like to create a deeper integration with your Accounting Software check with your Account Manager for how to do so.