Use Analytics to gain insight into your company and users spend.   


1. With Expense Analytics get a general overview of where your employees spend the most.  Use this data to forecast upcoming spend.  Click the bar on any chart to see the details of the expense reports submitted.  

2. Check out Merchant Analytics to view spend by Merchant.  See how much your employees spent across the company with a certain merchant and use that data to project your annual, quarterly, or even monthly spend.  

3. With User Analytics you can see who your top spenders are.  Use this to identify patterns amongst your employees.  

4. In Audit Analytics filter by Risk Reason or Risk Score while viewing daily, weekly, and monthly reports.  Identify trends to better understand your audit risks while learning what your audit risks are.    

5. User Analytics shows your daily, weekly, or monthly usage.  See when employees are most likely to submit their expense reports and prepare for spikes in usage.




Expense Analytics

View your company spend in a selected date range by Expense Category.  

Click on the corresponding bar to see the details of each Expense Category.


In Merchant Analytics you can filter by Expense Category.


Click the bar to see the Expense Line Details for each cost


In Employee Analytics view your Top Spenders.  



In Audit Analytics you can filter by:

Risk Score or Risk Reason


Monthly, Weekly, and Daily

In filter by Risk Score you will see all High, Medium, and Low Risk Scores.

In Filter by Risk Reason you will see the number of Expense Reports with the Risk Reasons


Click on Usage Analytics to see Usage Analytics