Expense Reports with Oracle

Learn more about the Audit Resolution Workflow here and more details about how to reimburse employees for expense reports here.


Once the auditor has approved the workflow status of the expense is “READY_FOR_PAYMENT” . In this state the expense report is eligible to be integrated to Oracle Payables and create an Invoice.  


Navigate to Payment


Create a new payment batch. A payment batch picks up all the eligible  expenses available.  You can exclude any expense report you wish to save for later.


This process is real time, all the expenses are validated during the process and will present you with any errors and the reason for the error. The remaining expense reports that pass the validation will be processed into Oracle Payables open invoice interface. At this point, the expenses with errors may be re-processed after rectifying the cause of the issue.

In Payment you can select  to download a CSV of the payment batch or click  to see the details for each Expense Report included in the Payment Batch

After clicking you will see the Expense Report Number, Date, Amount, Employee Name, and a Success or Rejected Message.