Audit Workbench

 What is the Expense Audit Workbench?


The Expense Audit Workbench is a case management tool for expense report auditors. Expense reports flagged for manual review by the AppZen Expense Audit engine can be reviewed and acted upon by expense auditors.

If configured all Low and Medium risk will be "Automated Audit Approval" and all High-risk reports will be flagged for "Need Manual Review."

The Expense Audit workbench allows the expense auditor to invoke the Audit Resolution Workflow to resolve and record any audit exceptions.

The Audit workbench is accessed via the AppZen web client.  

Only users with the Auditor Approval permission can access the "Risk Based Audit" screen and review Expense Reports company-wide. 



All expense reports processed by the AppZen Expense Audit engine will be assigned a risk score of high, medium, or low.  

The auditor can filter by date, report number, username, submission date, total, risk score, risk reason,  approver, number of policy violations, number of missing receipts, audit status, and expense workflow status.  


Two approvals need to happen before a report can be moved to payment.  A report needs to be Audit approved and Manager approved.  

Low and Medium Risk reports will have the audit status "Automated Audit Approval"

The report still needs to be reviewed and approved by the user's manager, the status will stay as "Submitted" until the report has been approved by a manager with the appropriate approval level.

 If a report is a Low or Medium risk and has been approved by the user's manager it will have the Audit Status "Automated Audit Approved" and the Expense Workflow Status "Ready for Payment"


If a report is a High risk it will have the Audit Status "Needs Manual Review" and the Expense Workflow Status "Submitted" or "Approved" depending on the manager having approved or not.


Once the auditor has manually audited and approved the report will have the Audit Status "Manual Audit Approved."  See below for instructions of how to manually audit.

If an auditor has requested more information the Audit Status will be "Request More Info."  See below for instructions on how to request more information.

Once a report has been approved by the audit team (manually or automatically) and approved by the manager it will show up as "Ready for Payment" 

To Manually audit 

Click on the Report Number to view more details.  

Click the colored dot on each expense line to view the results of the audit checks and to see whether each expense line has passed or failed.


Click the magnifying glass on the right-hand side to see more information about the expense policy.

 The auditor can click More Actions to see the following options

  • Request More Info
  • Add comment/document
  • Re-run audit
  • Edit Report
  • Regenerate PDF

To get more information or create a conversation with the employee about the expense report click "Request More Info"

You can then send comments, a PDF of the Expense Report, all the high or medium risk findings, copy the employee's manager, or send to some other employee.

You can preview the message before sending.


The employee will receive an email with a link to respond to the message.  

The employee can leave a comment as well as attach additional documentation if needed.


You can view the comments and extra information by clicking the history icon.

You can see the expense report audit history, this includes any communication with employees, internal compliance, offline approvals as well as any additional documentation provided.


You can then edit the expense line by clicking the pencil icon.

You can change the amount and update the expense line.


The audit workbench will then show the appropriate risk score, you can proceed as normal.


The Auditor can also click "Add comment/document"


You can then attach additional documentation.  This can include attached emails with approvals from a source outside of AppZen or any additional files.  



The auditor can Approve or Reject an Expense Report in the individual report screen 

or in the Audit Workbench.


If Approve For Payment is selected the status will be changed to Manual Audit Approved and Ready For Payment



If Reject is selected the Auditor will need to send a comment with a rejection reason.