Approving Expense Reports



When a high risk report comes in but the auditor has decided it needs to be approved they can click on the Approve button on the bottom of the screen. To approve the report the auditor will follow these steps:

  1. Login to your AppZen account
  2. Select the "Audit" option then select "Expense Reports" menu option
  3. Click on the report number you want to audit
  4. If AppZen mark an expense as high risk but you want to approve it after carefully analyzes click the "Approve" button on the bottom of the screen




  1. Once selected, the action panel will slide out from the right-hand side of the screen. Here you can select the reason for approval, listed below the Risk Rejection that you can select from via the drop-down menu. Additionally, you can type in your response with a maximum of 2000 characters or less.


The following are the reasons for risk rejection:


Risk Rejection Definition
Exception Approved by Management  The risk is correct, but for this particular instance, an exception is allowed  and is being approved by the management
Risk is correct, but in-policy  The risk is correct, however, the expense is within company policy (This means that the audit configuration probably requires change)
False Positive  The risk was incorrectly identified by AppZen as "High Risk", due to AppZen incorrectly identifying a violation or not following your company's Audit Configuration
Fixed by user  This option should be selected when the report submitter has fixed a line they previously submitted, most often by reducing the line amount to exclude an out of policy expense(s).


Click on the "Approve for Payment" button to proceed with approval.



When approving an expense report, you can use templates to choose pre-drafted responses. These responses are set up during the onboarding phase. Please consult with your Implementation Success Manager for details. Additionally, the Functional Admin can create pre-drafted responses post onboarding. For more information contact your CSM (customer success manager). 

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