Audit management makes it easier to effectively manage the audit workload within AppZen. It provides users the ability to organize queues of work and assign reports that enable auditors to take action faster. This is achieved through three features – the workbench, expense report assignment, and audit queue.

The Workbench

The Workbench - The Appzen workbench is the user interface where you can view all of the expense reports from a designated period of time.

Expense Report Assignment

Expense Report Assignment - This functionality helps you gain more control and visibility to better manage and distribute the workload between auditors.

Auditor Queues

Auditor Queue - This feature allows you to create work queues to help identify expense reports that require the attention of specific auditors.

Audit Statuses

Audit Statuses - Expense report statuses

Expense Workflow Status    

Expense Workflow Status - Expense reports workflow statuses

Session Time Out Notification

Session Time - A notification to inform the user of a session timeout

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