User Roles

Role Function Role Description
System Admin Assign users Access to system admin tab. Ability to add, create, and edit users and their permissions

Functional Admin 

Edit configurations, organizations and workflows Access to expense setup and admin tab. Edit audit model configurations, audit workflow configuration, add expense types, enable/disable customer organizations and create reject template messages
Manager Access to dashboards Access to dashboards under the Analytics tab. The manager can see the employee dashboard with all employee spend and behaviors.
Expense Queue Admin *Create queues, Assign Auditors to queue, Assign Auditor Lead(s) to queue Assign/Unassign/Reassign expense reports

Access to audit, and reports tab. Create a queue, assign and unassign auditors to work on queue, and assign an Auditor Lead to manage the queue

* Assign additional "auditor" authorization to view queue management menu

Auditor  Review/self-assign/action expense reports Access to the audit workbench, approve and reject expense reports, use the reporting feature and access the analytics tab
Auditor (Read Only) View workbench, reporting analytics Access to audit and reports. View the Audit workbench only.  This user can access the reporting feature and analytics tab, but can’t perform any actions
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