Audit Activity Report


The Audit Activity Report provides insights into the expense reports that were audited in a given time range and also provides details about the auditor that audited each of these reports.

This report is helpful in tracking auditor performance. It provides the following details for each expense report that has been actioned upon by an auditor.

Expense Report Number – The unique number attached to each expense report. This number is the same in the expense management software and in the AppZen Engine.

Expense Report Date – The calendar date that the expense report was submitted in the expense management software.

Expense Report Timestamp - Timestamp of the report upon submission to AppZen

Auditor Action – Identifies if the report was approved, rejected, or had another action taken upon it

Auditor Action Date - Choose a date range for your report

Auditor Action Timestamp – Time at which the auditor action was taken (all times in AppZen are in UTC time zone & cannot be changed)

Reimbursement Amount – The dollar amount that the employee is requesting for reimbursement

Reimbursement Currency – The financial currency that the reimbursement is set to in the system

Risk Score – The risk level assigned to the Expense Line (high, medium or low)

Auditor – The auditor’s email address

Auditor Comments – A list of any comments sent by the auditor to the employee

Organization Name - Organization the auditor is associated with

Policies - Choose a list of your policies from the drop-down menu

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