Expense Report Header Level Risk


The Expense Report Header Level Risk report can be used to analyze the Report Header Level Risk Models

Report Number – The unique number attached to each expense report. This number is the same in the expense management software and within AppZen.
Report Date – The calendar date that the expense report was submitted in the expense management software
User ID – Auditor’s email address
Reimbursement Amount – Amount that the employee is requesting for reimbursement
Reimbursement Currency – Currency in which the reimbursement is being requested. This will always be per Organization.
Model Name – The AppZen model name
Risk Level – The risk score assigned to the expense line (high, medium or low).
Risk Message – Risk Message generated by AppZen & displayed in the user interface that justifies the risk score assigned by AppZen (listed per model per expense line)





  • High – Reports with high risk scores
  • Medium – Reports with medium risk scores
  • Low – Reports with low risk scores


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