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Stop at Processor


If an auditor needed additional approval for an expense report, they need to select the "Stop at Processor" menu item to send the report to the processor within Concur. The configuration needs to be done in AppZen to show the "Stop at processor" option in the user interface and in Concur to ensure the proper workflow is set up.


1. In the report detail page click on the "More Actions" on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.





2. Click on "Stop at Processor" 




3. Auditor requires additional information from Processor within Concur. An auditor can add internal comments before sending processor. Comments will show up in the auditor feedback report.  Click on the "Stop at Processor" button on the lower right hand of the "Stop at Processor" menu.





Workflow for P Stop:


1. The employee submits a report in Concur
2. AppZen audits the report and flags any high-risk items. For example, there are 5 lines flagged as high-risk
3. Auditor approves 4 out 5 high-risk lines however 1 high-risk line needs additional approval
4. Auditor clicks on "More Info" and selects "Stop at Processor"
5. The report goes back to Concur for the processor to review
6. Processor either approves or rejects line within Concur
7. If approved employee gets paid (short pay)
8. If rejected employee has to correct/fix what is requested by processor
9. Employee re-submits the same expense report
10. AppZen adds "Addendum" to report name
11. Auditor reviews and approves high-risk line for payment






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