Community Code of Conduct

The AppZen Community is a collaborative and supportive space intended to help your peers learn from one another. Please keep this in mind when engaging with others and refer to our Code of Conduct.


Be Respectful 

  • Be mindful of others and engage with respect, sincerity, and friendliness.
  • Practice good intentions and use your judgment while assuming that others are doing the same. You are responsible for your actions while participating in this Community.
  • If someone threatens or bullies you or is misbehaving, please report it to
  • Use appropriate tone and language and refrain from foul or inappropriate language.
  • Abstain from posting spam, advertisement, or self-promotion within the Community.


Collaborate & Support One Another

  • Encourage and welcome your peers in the community- especially those that are new. When we support each other, we grow together. 
  • Share your knowledge with others. Share very aha moment or minor change you've made with AppZen. It might impact someone else's day. 
  • Ask for help and provide constructive feedback or answers for others.


Do the Work Upfront

  • We get multiple posts in our Community each day, so there's a good chance another member has had a similar question. Doing a keyword search to find existing posts helps to prevent duplicate posts and makes answers easier to find.
  • Are you on the right topic? Posting in the right place will ensure that your question or idea is seen by the people who are most able to help. These are all laid out on the community home page.
  • When making a post, make sure to provide as much detail as possible. Screenshots, use cases, repeatable steps, and descriptive posts will yield the best outcome. 


Respect Privacy

  • Do not post any confidential information about yourself, your company, or others. 
  • Do not post or link to confidential information of AppZen, its partners, affiliates or vendors, or any third party;
  • Do not solicit community members for any commercial purpose. Do not solicit community members to interact with you outside of the Community to obtain support.

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We reserve the right to immediately remove any posts that do not conform to our Community Code of Conduct without warning. We also reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspend or bar a user who violates these Community Code of Conduct. 


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