How to Follow to Posts, Topics, and Articles

How to Follow

The Follow feature is a helpful way to stay informed on significant changes to AppZen. When you Follow a Topic, Article, or Post, you can choose to receive email updates for:

1. New posts, or

2. New posts and comments

For example, let's say you want to be emailed every time there are new Release notes. This short video explains the steps to Follow.

Managing Subscriptions

At any point, you can modify what you follow by navigating to your profile icon in the top right corner.

  1. Select "my activities"
  2. Go to the "Following" tab
  3. Select which topics, articles, or posts you'd like to modify. (Note: You can either limit your notifications or unfollow completely). 


Recommended Follows

Need guidance on the best things to follow? Here are some of our favorites: 


Release Notes: Monthly product updates and enhancements for Expense Audit and Autonomous AP. 


Product Best Practices: Advice, tips, updates, and use cases to make your workday easier.


Expense Audit Product Features: Guides and videos that outline how specific Expense Audit features work.


Overview of Autonomous AP: Summary of Autonomous AP definitions, core technology, and levels of autonomous.


AppStore Models: Purpose and use cases for each of our unique AppStore models.


Video Tutorials: Visual training to help you learn the AppZen product. 




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