Employee Compliance Dashboard


Employee compliance dashboard focuses more on the employees (individual actors) and shows the auditor a complete view of different employee based metrics such as:

Spend by employee, High risk spend, High risk spend by audit model and more.

The query helps the builder to create charts based on user need or requirements.

For example the query for Spend by Employee can be created by the following query.

This chart shows the employee spend broken down (series) by employee name.

Tabs can be used by editing the dashboard and creating better look and feel that makes sense for the viewer to tell a story based on employee spend behaviour.

Notice below that the tabs are broken down by High Risk and Medium Risk.

Additional charts that are listed OOTB for Employee Compliance Dashboard are the following:

Chart Name

Visualization Type

Employee Spend by Expense Type



Bar Chart

High-Risk lines by Employee

Bar Chart

High-Risk Spend


Big Number

High Risk Spend by Employee


Vertical Bar

High Risk spend by Expense Type




High Risk Spend by Rule



Vertical Bar

Medium Risk lines, by Employee



Bar Chart

Medium Risk Spend, by Employee



Bar Chart

Number of Missing Receipt Affidavits, by Employee



Bar Chart

Number of Rejected Lines, by Employee



Bar Chart

Rejected Spend by Employee



Bar Chart

Total number of missing receipt affidavits

Vertical Bar

Total Spend

Amount (M)

Total Spend, by Employee

Vertical Bar

Unauthorized Spend by Expense Type

Vertical Multiple Bar

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