Password Reset

How To Reset Your Password

  1. From the main AppZen login page click on the "Forgot Password" link.

2. Enter the email address or user ID that is requesting the password reset.



3. You will receive an email with the password link, click on the link to begin the password reset process.

4. Enter the new password along with confirming the new password in the fields below. Once the password is entered click on the "Reset Password" button.


5. A confirmation email will be sent to confirm the changes have taken effect.

Password Reset Improvements

Auditors who request their passwords to be reset multiple times will see a notification that states, “There's been multiple reset password attempts. Password reset has timed-out. Please try again in 20 minutes”

If this message appears, auditors must wait 20 minutes before attempting to reset their passwords again.

Password Policy Update

We added extra security and enhanced the password policy requirement for all AppZen login accounts. A reset request on either the, “Forgot Password” or “Change Password” screen requires a fixed number of characters for AppZen to process and accept the new password in our system. Here is what we require:

  • Should be at least 10 characters long,

  • Must include at least one upper case letter,

  • Must include at least one lower case letter,

  • Must include at least one special character [!@#$%^&+=*] and

  • Must include at least one digit.

  • Should not be commonly used words like application name, user name, user organization, and email address.

Please note: For the July 2021 release the policy was implemented, and customers that have an 8 character password, will be prompted to reset their password to the new password policy outlined above.

Things to note about password reset:

  • Do we have a password reset frequency? No, the user can have the same password for a long time.

  • Do password changes first authenticate with the old/prior password? Yes

  • Can the password be re-used? We don't check if the password is re-used, we would allow the password to be used for a current resent.



















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