Getting Started with Expense Audit


Welcome to Expense Audit. All expense reports are ingested and audited through the AppZen AI platform. It evaluates 100% of expense reports then assigns a risk score of low, medium or high risk. AppZen logs all risk data and compares it across all employees, assigning each employee an AppZen Compliance Index (ACI) score. This rating provides an analytical way to compare risk among employees. AppZen uses a combination of Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Semantic Modeling to comprise our artificial intelligence platform.


1. How to Access Expense Audit

Login into your AppZen account.


 Under the Audit menu click on 'Expense Reports'.



2. Managing Expense Reports



The AppZen workbench is main user interface where you can view all of the expense reports from a designated period of time. Along with filtering, assigning and searching functionality. For more information on the workbench go here:

Audit Workbench 



3. Auditing Reports


We have 17 models to help audit expense reports to help streamline processes, reduce spend and comply with a customer's T&E policy. For a list and description of all the models click on the link below: 

Audit Models


4. Analytics and Reporting


AppZen offers a robust reporting solution that provides a comprehensive set of dashboards and charts to analyze spend, audit activity, employee compliance, benchmarks, and much more.


          Expense Analytics 





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