Understanding Levels of Autonomous

Manual mode: Information on the invoice has to be entered manually is considered to be manual. 

Assist mode: When invoice processing requires a human to edit the required fields, the invoice is in the ‘Assist’ mode. The AP processor in this case has to edit the invoice and ‘confirm’ changes to move the invoice to the next stage of processing.

Autonomous - Learning mode: The system also determines if any invoices in the ‘Autonomous’ mode require the AP processor to confirm the results before the invoice is moved to the next stage of processing. No edits or changes are required to such invoices, and the system uses human confirmation to train itself. For example, when extracting the supplier name with high confidence AppZen Autonomous AP prompts the user to confirm the extraction results which will help train our AI.

Autonomous mode: When invoice processing is autonomous, the AP operator does not have to review or edit any part of the invoice. The invoice is processed and proceeds forward with no human involvement.

Mapping Levels of Autonomous to the Autonomous Index for AP

The alignment of the AppZen Invoice product levels to the Autonomous levels are shown below.

Autonomous Modes/ Autonomous Index for AP Levels

Lvl 0

Lvl 1

Lvl 2

Lvl 3

Lvl 4

Lvl 5

Manual mode



Assist mode






Autonomous - Learning mode




Autonomous mode




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