Getting Started with Autonomous AP


Screen_Shot_2021-10-05_at_10.22.05_AM.pngAppZen Autonomous AP uses artificial intelligence to ensure that invoices are properly extracted, validated, POs are matched (where appropriate), audited, and predictably GL coding for non-PO invoices. Additionally, AppZen integrates with a customer's ERP or P2P system for invoice ingestion and improves supplier payment workflow. 

Defining Autonomous 

Core Technology

AppZen Autonomous AP core technology helps with automation throughout the invoice process. The core technology includes:

  • Extraction - Extraction strips the data off of the manual PDF and makes it in a digital format.
  • Review Data -  Providing validity of accuracy of the data extracted throughout the process.
  • PO Matching - Process for invoice approval that involves checking the line items of an invoice.
  • GL Code Prediction  - Using AI to make an educated guess on GL codes for invoices with no PO.
  • Validation - Detecting compliance and fraudulent issues such as duplicates.
  • Integration with Processing Systems - Ability to sync with customer ERP systems on invoice status

Product Features

The AppZen Autonomous AP features help the AP processor quickly identify how to access, submit invoices, manage and take action on invoices that require attention. 

AppZen Autonomous AP Models

Models audit invoices to detect duplicates and verify suppliers in order for an organization to stay compliant.

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