Expense Audit Overview

AppZen Expense Audit utilizes artificial intelligence to audit 100% of your employee expense reports and receipts in real-time to identify more risks and help keep your employees more compliant with company policies.

By integrating seamlessly into your current automated expense system, Expense Audit gives your audit team more effectiveness to review expense reports prior to reimbursements to your employees. 

With Expense Audit we can quickly audit a large number of expense reports in a short amount of time. AppZen analyzes the full context of every line item on every single receipt identifying high-risk, non-compliant, and out-of-policy behavior. With proactive notifications along with interactive auditing queues, AppZen increases your productivity and eliminates all bottlenecks for payouts in no time.

The AppZen platform works with existing expense management systems already being used by companies, therefore companies do not have to change what they’re using. AppZen Expense Audit works behind the company’s scenes, by extracting data from the company’s automated expense systems, analyzing it, augmenting it, applying machine learning to it and clearing out misuse and fraud and compliance in real-time. Expense Audit provides AppZen standard audit models (see below) that cover most common expense audit scenarios. 

  • Reduce Spend: Automatically reduce spend with AppZen Expense Audit AI. 

Specific Benefits

Why do you need it?

Audit 100% spend

Don’t settle for random sampling. Audit 100% of spend before you reimburse the claimant.

Understand global languages

Understand global languages, regional nuances and country-specific forms and expense documents 

Catch high-risk spend

Catch defaulters and high-risk expenses with real-time auditing and compliance checks through our powerful AI 

Capture immediate expense savings

Easy user-interface and handy charts/dashboards to view savings.

  • Eliminate unnecessary spend: Automatically find errors, waste, and fraud before you pay.

Specific Benefits

Why do you need it?

Catch duplicate spend

Never pay the same expense twice.

Spot overspending

Determine if employees overspend on restaurants or hotels.

Identify errors

Catch typos, miscalculating totals and incorrect


Enforce daily spending limits

Make sure expenses are within the policy’s daily limits.

  • Comply with policy: Automatically comply with corporate expense policy and regulations with AppZen AI. 

Specific Benefits

Why do you need it?

Flag unauthorized and suspicious merchants

Flag spend at unauthorized merchants like adult entertainment, spas, and salons.

Avoid regulatory violations

Find regulatory violations like payments and gifts to

foreign officials or healthcare providers.

Find out-of-policy expenses

Detect out-of-policy purchases like spa services, tobacco, and gifts.

Identify repeat offenders

The AppZen Compliance Index (ACI) helps you determine consistent patterns of behavior of


  • Streamline process: Erase complexity and streamline workflows. 

Specific Benefits

Why do you need it?

Automate approval of low-risk spend

Focus auditors attention on errors, waste, fraud and non-compliance.

Save auditors time

Dramatically reduce manual hours spent reviewing


Pay employees fast

Cut employee reimbursement from weeks to 1-2 days.

Eliminate manager approval

Eliminate manager approval by auditing with AI-first and only having managers review critical issues.

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