Retain Auditor Feedback

When an employee resubmits a report, auditors no longer need to re-review the lines that have already been actioned and can focus on those that are updated. Similarly, when a report is rejected and resubmitted, auditors can do the same.

For Example: If the auditor takes action on a report that has 50 expense lines: 49 lines are approved but only 1 line is rejected and sent back to the employee to make the correction. Now, when the employee resubmits the report with that 1 line being updated, this feature will retain the auditor's action on the approved lines so the auditor can focus on the 1 line that was updated by the employee.

How does it work

  • This retains the auditor’s feedback on expense lines that was not submitted and the combination of model risk level, audit model, audit model risk message calculated by AppZen has not changed. However, the auditor will be able to make changes still as the following fields are still editable. The fields we retain are:

    • selected radio buttons for “Why are you not rejecting this?“ will be retained

    • Internal comments will retain, if applicable

    • Note: this feature will NOT retain the Response box as it needs to reflect the latest instance

  • ‘New and Updated Lines’ as filter is added next to ‘Medium Risk’, upon selecting it:

    • fields that are updated will be shown

    • lines that are newly added will be shown

  • If both filters for “High Risk” and “Updated Lines” are selected by the user, both high risk and updated lines/fields will be shown.

  • Resubmit icon is added next to resubmit but unchanged lines

  • upon hovering it will show the tooltip “Resubmitted but unchanged line“.

  • Upon clicking Approve/Reject button:

    • ‘New and Updated Line(s)’ as a filter is added right under ‘Auditor Reject’ and ‘Auditor Approve for Payment’

  • Upon checking the filter box it will only show lines/fields that were updated from the resubmission

  • Upon unchecking the filter box it will show all HIGH model lines.

  • For lines that were previously actioned by the auditor:

    • Resubmit icon is added

    • upon hovering to the Resubmit icon it will show tooltip “Resubmitted but unchanged line“.

  • If an expense line was actioned previously but the submitter made changes on the line/field (eg: amount), AppZen will identify the change and not add the Resubmit icon next to the line.

Please Note:

  • Retain auditor action from the last action (meaning if a report gets resubmitted for the 10th time, if auditor have been taking action on the last 9 times, we will retain the action/responses from the 9th time)

  • This feature is applicable to all integration.

  • Only applies to reports that are actioned and resubmitted after this feature goes out

  • By default, this feature is enabled for all customers. This is configurable to disable for customers per request.

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