Autonomous AP Invoice dashboard (Spend Dashboard)

The spend dashboard shows spend as it was approved by AppZen. Spend that was auto-approved and/or manually approved and tagged as high risk or flagged for an exception. The dashboard shows an overview of monthly, weekly spend along with spend broken down by PO backed vs non PO backed invoices. 


Name of Chart 


Total Spend

The amount of total spend of all invoices 

Autonomous Spend

The amount of spend that was autonomous (touchless) and invoice was paid out

PO Backed Spend

Invoice spend that are PO backed

Non-PO Backed Spend

Invoice spend that is Non-PO backed

Monthly Spend

Total spend of invoices that have been processed and group by month

Weekly Spend

Total spend of invoice that been processed and grouped by week

Spend by Entity

Total spend by invoices processed broken down by entity and grouped by month 

Spend by Currency

Total spend by broken down by currency 

Top Suppliers by Spend

A table view of spend by top suppliers

Top 10 Entity by Spend

A table view of spend by entity 

Top Suppliers by Spend by Month

Suppliers spend broken down by month

Invoices by Payment Term

Invoices broken down by payment term

Spend Details

A table of spend details to view at the invoice level

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