Navigation Menu for Expense Audit and Autonomous AP

AppZen has positioned itself as a multi-product company. We have updated our navigation menu to provide AppZen users better access to product features within the AppZen user interface(UI). Depending on your user role and which product(s) you have access to determines what you will see in the navigation menu.  For a list of user roles for Expense Audit and Autonomous AP check out our knowledgebase article in our help center. Listed below are menu items that are associated with the corresponding user roles to help you work more effectively. 

The Expense Audit section has the following submenus for an auditor or auditor lead role:

  • Expense Workbench
  • Queue Management


Under Expense Audit the Functional Admin the submenu includes: 

  • Setup & Configuration
    • Audit Models Configuration
    • Audit Workflow Configuration
    • Expense Types
    • Customer Organizations
    • Reject Templates
    • Custom Fields
    • Data Export 


Autonomous AP users with the APstaff user role has: 

  • Invoice workbench
  • Suppliers
  • Purchase Orders
  • Entity 


Autonomous AP users with Functional Admin user roles:

  • Setup and Configuration
    • General Settings
    • Customer Level PO
    • Invoice Skins


Additional items on the navigation menu are the following: 

  • Analytics 
    • Auditor Dashboard
    • Employee Dashboard
    • Executive Dashboard
    • Mastermind Analytics
  • Reports
    • Generate Reports
    • Report Status
    • Enable Reports
  • System Admin
    • Users
    • Jobs



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