Audit Result API

This set of APIs are meant for fetching the audit results for all the expense reports which have been audited till now. There are two ways by which the audit result can be fetched:


The audit results are expected to be available only after a report is ingested and it is audited by the AppZen system.


Fetch the audit-result for a single expense-report

Example Curl

curl --location --request GET "" \

--header "x-api-key: EBRxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlij58v" \

--header "customer_id: 9xxx9" \

--header "customer-key: 620bxxxxxxxxxxxxxa355b9dff7

Fetch the audit-results for reports in bulk: 

This API will provide you the audit-results in paginated format . For fields description and details check Audit result API field details

Example Curl

curl --location --request POST "" \

--header "x-api-key: EBRxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlij58v" \

--header "customer_id: 9xxx9" \

--header "customer-key: 620bxxxxxxxxxxxxxa355b9dff7" \

--header "Content-Type: application/json" \

--data "{

    \"page_size\" : 5,

    \"page_number\" : 0,

    \"report_id_in\" : [



Sample Response


    audit_result_created_at    string

    computed_risk_level    string

    current_risk_level        string

    customer_id            integer($int64)

    external_report_id        string

    header_level_risk_details     [ExpenseRiskDetailsDTO{

                                                  computed_risk_level    string

                                                current_risk_level     string

                                               original_risk_level     string

                                               risk_message            string

                                               rule_name               string


    line_level_results            [ExpenseLineResultesDTO{

                                            external_exp_line_id    string

                                            line_level_risk_details     [ExpenseRiskDetailsDTO{

                                                                                        computed_risk_level    string

                                                                                        current_risk_level        string

                                                                                        original_risk_level        string

                                                                                         risk_message            string

                                                                                          rule_name            string




original_risk_level            string


List of filters that can be applied while fetching audit results in bulk:

  • Range of Submission Date
    • from_submission_date: This would be inclusive
    • to_submission_date: This would be exclusive

  • Range of Audit Date

    • from_audit_date: This would be inclusive

    • to_audit_date: This would be exclusive

  • report_id_in: Collection of external_report_id you want to fetch the audit results for

  • report_id_not_in: Collection of external_report_id you do not want to fetch the audit results for

  • page_number: zero based page index, for which you want to fetch the audit-results

  • page_size: Number of results per page. The maximum limit of page_size would be defined by AppZen (Currently it is 200). If you do not provide any input for this field or provide invalid input (0>=value>200), then the system will default the value of page_size to it’s maximum (200 for now)

  • sort_field: field name, upon which sorting should be applied (for all available results which fulfils the above mentioned filter criteria) prior to computing the paginated results.

    • Fields supported for sorting audit results are as follows:

      • current_risk_level

      • original_risk_level

      • computed_risk_level

      • created_at : This is the default field for sorting.

    • Note: If unsupported fields are provided or if sort_field is empty, then the sorting will default to the field "created_at"

Sorting of the fetched result
The result set can be fetched in sorted order based on the field and direction provided.

The order of sort for the available results prior to computing the paginated results (ASC - for ascending sort order and DESC - for descending sort order)

Rate Limiting/Threshhold/Throttling:

Note: Below are the current values for Prod Env. Going further they are to be adjusted as per the decision made by concerned authorities.

  • Rate: 1,000 requests per second

  • Burst: 10 requests

  • Quota: 10,000 requests per month starting on the 1st day

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