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Many factors go into receiving an invoice from an organization before it is "OK" to pay. Leading organizations in the world today still struggle with manual (PDF, paper) invoice processing. This is a costly, laborious, and error-prone workflow for them. 

AppZen’s customers have many different systems by which they ingest and manage invoices as part of their AP process. Usually, companies receive invoices through supply portals, EDF, EDI, or Fax. Companies using ERP systems like Coupa and Ariba might also receive electronic versions of the invoices. Whereas, the majority (60-70%) still come in through email. Thus AppZen has created its own AP Inbox where its powerful AI-Driven extraction technology is targeted. 

Currently, AP Processors manually enter or scan Invoices into their systems. But, the OCR quality is not at a high enough standard to maximize efficiency, provide accounting accuracy, achieve policy compliance or minimize cycle times and eliminate duplicate invoices. So, they must manually address every invoice. AppZen achieves these things by providing a unique AP Inbox email ID to newly onboarded customers. 

The value that AppZen’s AP Inbox brings to its customers includes:

Specific Benefits 

Why Do You Need It 

Powerful Extraction

Guaranteed invoice entry accuracy, spend and PO policies, automate GL accounting and PO matching, and audit AP invoices across all of your spendings.

Bulk Uploads 

Autonomous AP helps process invoices within hours with zero manual touches. Automate your SOPs and checks and choose when to pay, thereby protecting supplier relationships and allowing for early-pay discounts.

Multiple File Formats 

Email Attachments that are currently supported are: PDF, .jpg, .tiff 

Language Support 

Powerful AI software learns quickly and automatically adjusts its predictions, based on just 2-3 data samples of user feedback.

Integration with ERP systems 

Keying in and properly coding manual invoices is exhausting. AI purpose-built for finance reads and understands invoices like an accountant. Accurately assign cost centers and account codes specific to your accounting policy and chart of accounts.

Accessible through SSO

Autonomously process invoices sent directly to your AP email inbox. Audit for duplicates across all of your invoices, P-Cards, and expenses. Automate PO matching and accounting, and enter invoices into a procurement or ERP system.

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