Detect expense fraud you don’t even know is happening

What’s every business’ wish when it comes to expense fraud?

Not having any. This webinar shows you how to detect expense fraud, and keep your employees and company out of trouble–and the headlines. With an AI-driven approach, you can detect fraud and other risks 10X better than any other solutions without manual work.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The lesser-known ways expense fraud happens across spend categories and their impact
  • The value of line-item data and the inherent challenges with current workflows and tools to detect and handle policy violations
  • How an AI-driven approach constantly monitors, extracts, and audits every line item in every transaction in all kinds of receipts, from gift cards to P-Cards to merchant receipts
  • How you can detect any and all violations within minutes after an employee submits their expense report, well before the first-line manager approves it
  • How you can detect disguised expenses that look legitimate to your expense management system (EMS) and human eyes but violate your company policy

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