This page assists you in making AppZen API calls for Autonomous AP quickly and easily. This page provides an understanding of the AppZen Autonomous AP APIs.

Please note the ingestion of an invoice is done in a specific order, the details are given in the next section.

Order of Ingestion

  1. Payment Term: The first API call should be for the Payment Term.  
  2. Chart of Account (COA)/Supplier: The COA and Supplier can be ingested simultaneously.
  3. Entities You can then call the API to ingest the Entities mapping them to the COAs.
  4. Purchase Order: Then you can move towards Purchase Order
  5. VAT: VAT fields can then be ingested.
  6. Units of Measure: After ingesting the above fields, you can now proceed towards ingestion of UOM
  7. Invoice: Finally, you can ingest the Invoices.
    For this, first- you will need to Generate the URL to Upload the Document - your invoice.
    Upload the Document using the URLSee the  Transaction Data API overview for more details

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