Autonomous AP APIs

AppZen Autonomous AP delivers autonomous processing for all invoices sent to your AP inbox, increasing the speed and accuracy of processing while lowering costs. Autonomous AP automates the processing of non-digital invoices (pdf and standard images) upon receipt (inbox) and posting back to the customer’s ERP systems. It is an AI-first application that reads invoices, understands their content, context, and meaning, enforces company spend policies, automates PO matching, predict GL and cost centers, audits and verifies vendor before payment, routes invoice for workflow approval, and posts processed invoices in the ERP systems for payment.

Autonomous AP APIs Overview


*Master Data API Overview

Master Data - Payment Term API

Master Data - Chart of Accounts API

Master Data - Entity API

Master Data - Supplier API

Master Data - Purchase Order API

Master Data - Vat API

Master Data - Unit of Measures API

*Transactional Data API Overview

Transactional Data - Documents API

Transactional Data - Invoices API

Transactional Data - Processed Invoices API

Transactional Data - Invoice Status Sync API

Transactional Data - Invoice Audit Results API