Generate the URL to Upload the Document

To generate a pre-signed URL to upload a document into the AppZen environment. The document can be a PDF file. 

Note  the JSON response holds:
uuid: This is the unique identifier for the document to be uploaded.
You will need this field while uploading an invoice payload.
url: This is the one-time URL. Use this generated URL to upload the document.
expires: The expiration timestamp of the generated url.

Request URI 



Header Parameters

Name Type Description Required
x-api-key String The x-api-key provided to authorize the request. Yes
customer-id String The Customer ID provided to authorize the request. Yes
customer-key String  The Customer Key provided to authorize the request. Yes

Sample Request

curl -X GET ""
-H "accept: application/json" 
-H "x-api-key: R7wsFxxxx" 
-H "customer-id: 1004xxxx" 
-H "customer-key: 15d1xxxx"

Sample Response


  "url": "",
  "uuid": "5fc03087-d265-11e7-b8c6-83e29cd24f4c",
  "expires": "2021-02-23T22:20:47.636Z"


The request fails if you enter an invalid URL.

  "timestamp": "2019-01-17T16:12:45.977+0000",
  "status": 404,
  "error": "Not Found",
  "message": "Error code : 17e3338d - The resource you specified cannot be not found"

Response Code

Response Code Description
200 The request is successful.

The request is successful.


The request failed due to a malformed request syntax. Check the requested URL, including the parameters.


The request failed due to an authorization issue. For example, the Customer Key could be missing or invalid.


The request failed due to a permission issue. The x-api key may not have permission to perform the request. 


The request failed as the resource is not found. Check the requested URL.


The request failed due to an AppZen server issue. 


The request failed as the available quota/limit has been consumed.

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