Autonomous AP FAQ

Can AppZen identify duplicate invoices if submitted by two different people?

Yes, AppZen can detect duplicate invoices even if they are submitted by two different individuals using our AI Duplicate Check model.

If no supplier details are mentioned in any email or attachment, how does Appzen determine the supplier name? What is the process?

AppZen uses predictions based on keywords extracted from invoices to determine the supplier name. Initially, these predictions may have low confidence. However, once the auditor corrects the data, Zenlearn adapts and learns from these corrections.

Does AppZen support PGP encrypted file ingestion?

Yes, AppZen supports PGP encrypted file ingestion.

Does AppZen support auto assignment?

Yes, AppZen supports auto assignment through the MasterMind application named Invoices - Automated Assignment.

Can users be restricted from making configuration changes while still being able to raise support tickets?

Yes, users can be restricted based on roles so that they cannot make configuration changes but can still raise support tickets.

How can we submit a request to enhance a feature?

Answer: You can raise a feature request in our AppZen Community. Link to AppZen Community

How can we determine if AppZen is operational? Do we need to register to receive updates on AppZen's server status?

You can check the operational status of AppZen by visiting our AppZen Status Page. To receive updates, you can subscribe on the status page with a simple one-click registration, "SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES," and enter your email address.

Is there a way for the most senior user at a company to view the tickets raised by other users with support access?

We can provision access to view all tickets raised across the business as per approval from the customer SPOC (Single Point of Contact).

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